performance: expanduser with pathlib or os.path

Python3 provides a new fancy library to manage pretty much all the Path related operations This is a really welcome improvement since the before that we had to use a long list of unrelated modules.

I recently had to chose between Pathlib and os.path to expand a string in the ~/path format to the absolute path. Since the performance was important I took the time to benchmark the two options:

#!/usr/bin/env python3

import timeit

setup = '''
from pathlib import PosixPath
with_pathlib = timeit.timeit("abs_remote_tmp = str(PosixPath('~/.ansible/tmp').expanduser())", setup=setup)

setup = '''
from os.path import expanduser

with_os_path = timeit.timeit("abs_remote_tmp = expanduser('~/.ansible/tmp')", setup=setup)

print(f"with pathlib: {with_pathlib}\nwith os.path: {with_os_path}")

os.path is just about 4 times faster (x1000000) for this very specific case. The fact we need to instantiate a PosixPath object has an impact. Also, once again we observe a nice performance boost with Python 3.8 onwards.

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