Connect to Zookeeper over TLS/SSL

It’s surprisingly tricky to connect to a Zookeeper cluster over TLS/SSL using the command. You’ve got to wrap the command and pass some extra incantations. This is the script I use. Here my certificates are in /etc/zookeeper/ca, you may need to adjust that to match your local installation.


export ZK_CLIENT_SSL="-Dzookeeper.clientCnxnSocket=org.apache.zookeeper.ClientCnxnSocketNetty -Dzookeeper.ssl.keyStore.location=/etc/zookeeper/ca/keystores/server.pem -Dzookeeper.ssl.trustStore.location=/etc/zookeeper/ca/certs/cacert.pem"
/opt/zookeeper/bin/ -server my-host-fqdn:2281

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