My Gnome configuration and its extensions

I’ve been using a slightly tweaked Gnome 3 for a while now. Before that, I was using the Awesome Window Manager and I was pretty fan of the key binding. In order to facilitate the transition, I tried to recreate them. The result is pretty good. I can navigate between my 9 different virtual desktops using the Windows(a.k.a SUPER) key+a number. Windows+f also works, it will turn on the Fullscreen mode for a given window. Years after the migration to Gnome, I still use the bindings intensively. The following script configures Gnome for with my configuration:

It creates 9 virtual desktops on one single monitor that I can reach using the Super+$number key binding, e.g: Windows+6. In addition, it also turns off the animations and the annoying alert sound.

I also use a couple of extensions:

  • Application volume mixer to be able to adjust my mic volume level during meeting link
  • Network stats to get some visibility on the network traffic link
  • Sound Output Device Chooser to be able to switch the sound output between my Bluetooth speaker and my headset. I use it several times every days, it’s super handy. link
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